What is Blade?

Blade IMS is an inventory management tool that has been designed with over 18 years of experience in the industry. It is continuously developed to create a fluent and transparent experience, letting you access it on the go (via our own app) and monitor your inventory in great depth.

Due to its keen eye for detail and almost limitless features and customisation, Blade allows for an effortless, efficient, and polished result.

The key features

Clear interface

Blade is detailed, but easy-to-use. All its features are clearly labelled – and we even have tutorial videos available for our customers, helping you along the way.


Between our choice of pre-set labels and the options to upload your own, Blade allows you to store and print barcode labels for your products and orders.


Our own Blade app allows you access our software and your account no matter where you are in the world, offering you transparency and control.

Multi-channel order management

With integration for all major e-commerce platforms, Blade allows you to manage all your sales channels in one system – at one time. You can even manage multiple brands at once too.

High order volumes

Blade provides clearly-presented, accurate, real-time updates on your inventory, letting you manage all movements (from goods-out, to goods-in, to reverse logistics) across all your channels and brands.

Integration with all major platforms

Shopify – Magento – WordPress – WooCommerce – eBay – Amazon – and more. With our in-house development team, and Blade’s flexibility, we can integrate your account with just about any ecommerce platform.

ERP systems

Blade can work with ERP systems – Xero, for example.


Our software allows you to monitor, amend, and choose the couriers used for your goods-in and goods-out items. Including the likes of DPD, Royal Mail, DHL, FedEx, Yodel, Amazon, and Hermes, we have worked with all major couriers in a number of territories across the globe.

Run reports and extract data

Whether it be in our ‘Reports Centre’ or exporting our ‘List Orders’ or ‘List Products’ view, Blade allows you to run customised and regular reports and data regarding your inventory.

Designed by our own

Blade IMS is at the core of all we do, and it is a key component used by us at Product Pack – to ensure high efficiency and accuracy when completing a rework project. It is designed to benefit every one of our processes, whether it be as the co-packer, Product Pack, or the 3PL, I-Fulfilment. But it is there to aid our customers too.

It allows our customers to truly manage their inventory, its movements, and its orders – both in and out. With numerous displays and reports available, all of which you can customise as you wish, the options are almost limitless as to how you view your stock.

Knowing how quickly e-commerce is changing, we are continuously improving Blade too. We are always looking to implement the latest scanning technology and new e-commerce integrations. By re-investing and consistently developing our software and systems, we ensure you and your business have a harmonious experience.


Blade IMS is a phenomenal piece of software and we are proud to call it our own. With a supportive team and tutorial videos to guide you, and a team of developers waiting in the wings, our in-house software offers a unique and transformative experience.

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